About Us

Dronint is the leading UAV training provider in Cyprus and has trained more than many UAV pilots and technicians. Apart fromm the standard EASA drone courses (open and specific categories), Dronint provides training for a wide variety of special drone applications. Some representative examples are:

  • Inpsection of industrial facilities
  • Security monitoring of critical infrustructure
  • Monitoring of the progress of construction projects
  • Solar panel thermography

Apart from training, the company provides UAV related services. These include security monitoring, inspections of industrial facilities, spraying of agricultural fields, monitoring of construction projects, solar panel health monitoring, mapping of agricultural fields and delivery of goods using drones.  

Our Projects

Dronint is participating to Erasmus + Fly Vet Up . Through the project, it is planned to develop a Curriculum for drone operators, and then the curriculum will be piloted on the relevant staff of partner organizations. The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the possibilities of using drones in various industries and to promote the technological orientation of the related organizations.

Our Partners