Research & Development

We aim for technological innovation

Dronint’s vision is to be able to provide high quality services in today’s competitive business environment. Hence, Dronint strives to continuously update and develop new technologies for the benefit of its customers and partners.

Dronint, therefore, targets in continuous investment in research and development both in national and international level by participating in European programs, by researching environmental issues and various other areas of interest.

Our Projects


The object of the OenoWatch project is the study, development, implementation and pilot operation of a holistic system of phytodiagnosis and plant protection of viticulture based on the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) and a series of cutting-edge technologies, as well as the establishment of a Training Center. The OenoWatch Project Consortium also includes the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK), the consulting and educational organization EUROSUCCESS Consulting, the Limassol Development Organization as well as the Cyprus Wineries Ekfrasi and Makkas.


The project holder is HP - Croatian Post d.d., and the partners in the project are Rudolf Perišin Aviation and Technical School from Velika Gorica, Greece and Cyprus Post, and three partner companies: Dronint, AKME and BK Consult. Through the project, it is planned to develop a Curriculum for drone operators, and then the curriculum will be piloted on the relevant staff of partner organizations. The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the possibilities of using drones in various industries and to promote the technological orientation of HP - Croatian Post d.d. to improve processes in logistics by introducing innovations.